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stock reversals

Our stock screening tools, using algorithmic equations, are applied to the End of Day performance data to produce easy to read, color coded summaries and individual charts for the 550+ stocks we track every day. Our trading stock alerts highlight key transition indicators as they occur!

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Performance Results

trading stock alerts

Let us help grow your wealth and stock portfolio with our documented success rate of 70% to 85% on both buy/sell recommendations and stock reversal alerts! A number of our more conservative clients tell us they have never lost on a trade when following our reversal alerts!

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Our Charts

stock screening tool

Discover our highlighted and easy to follow technical indicators that are included on each chart along with a performance analysis and interpretation of our unique charts and graphs. Predictive analysis has never been easier or more accurate!

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stock analysis

Trading Stock Reversals proprietary stock analysis software simplifies the process of identifying the optimum time to buy and/or sell stocks, consistently recognizing when a stock reversal is eminent. Our proprietary software reads End-Of-Day data from the symbols of the stock market each trading day. Then the state-of-the-art process applies both unique and modified textbook equations to the stock's trading performance to create unique graphs for your review.

Understanding Our Graphs

Our graphs clearly identify where price reversals can be anticipated based on repeatable and accurate performance characteristics and patterns. The basis for our unique set of modified equations are derived from traditional technical analysis tools such as Stochastics, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Indicators and Simple Moving Averages.

Charts and Presentation

From the analysis, a set of charts for a given symbol are created, stacked and aligned, one above the other, with vertical lines clearly showing where our critical indicators cross, signaling action. Further development is to introduce a double set of Fibonacci arrays to our displays that further confirm our price reversal predictions as well as confirm reversals that have already begun!

S&P Summary Report

The report included in both subscription levels is a searchable summary sheet of the 500+ symbols tracked showing the Primary, Secondary, Confirmation indicators last price of the day and business sector. It is sorted and color coded for ease of understanding. This S&P Summary Sheet is updated and available to you each trading day.

Together these tools are a powerful force to recognize when a reversal is eminent.