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stock technical analysis

These are a typical daily report set of charts. It starts with the color coded Daily S&P Summary Report where you will find analysis of the prime indicators for 550+ stocks we track daily. Alerts are next, the lines highlight the stocks having a high probability of directional movement.

The next graphic is the resulting chart based on the End-Of-Day technical analysis.

Daily S&P Summary Report

Our version of a daily S&P report. It provides a searchable analysis of technical parameters in summary format. The user may look for a specific stock, a group of stocks within a sector or just the indexes.

model stock portfolio

Daily Symbol Analysis Chart

The chart is a visual representation of prime indicators plotted in graph format. The user:

  • Sees how the Daily S&P Summary Report links with the indicator cross-overs.
  • Watch the approaching cross-overs patterns indicating reversals and the vertical lines and the vertical lines through the 5 charts sections showing where the reversal is occurring.
  • Compare the 9 pattern interpretation guidelines to the chart.
stock trading strategies

Pattern interpretation guidelines

There is no mystery to what we do. We apply modified textbook and non-textbook equations to EndOfDay data.

These are the 9 guidelines we use to select a Stock, Option, or FOREX pairs. Take the time to digest the guideline and compare P1/P2, S1/S2/S3 and Confirmation/3SMA.